Friday, February 17, 2012

We are to be free...

I had no clue,
Of what I would see,
The numbness in my mind,
Getting the better of me,

With each passing day,
It was getting worse,
When every moment,
Seemed like a curse,

And with the end,
Nowhere in sight,
Every thought in my mind,
Was putting up a fight,

Should I stop?
Or should I go on?
Were the choices,
That I was pondering on,

I couldn’t decide,
Which side to take,
For if I choose wrong,
My future would be at stake,

Just when I thought,
All the hopes had gone,
Fortune smiled on me,
Like a beautiful dawn,

And all of a sudden,
It became very clear,
Confidence risen in me,
Overrode my timid fear,

I couldn’t believe,
How easy it was,
What I had been dreading,
Turned so easy to pass,

Now it’s all clear,
Of what I want to do,
I’ve decided on this,
After thinking it all through,

Let us be free birds,
For sky is where we belong to,
Let’s not get tied down,
For we both don’t want to,

Let us fly high,
For this is not our tree,
We have dreams to chase,
We are to be free,
We are to be free…

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