Saturday, June 30, 2012

Poured vivid dreams in the cup of life,
Each dream as steaming as the previous one,
Sip them all with the same enthusiasm,
Before they vaporize and leave you none!

A blue dream...

[Photo courtesy - "Chocks"]
Above this misty happiness,
expands a blue dream,
with no start and no end,
it stretches as far as it seems...

There's nothing to do,
but to look in awe,
an overwhelming desire,
to never forget what I saw...

Look through my eyes,
to live in my dream,
beyond this white consciousness,
is a world unseen!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Morning Raga...

every morning i thank
the sun's warm rays
as they get me out
of my subconscious maze

i rise from my bed
still trying to fight
my sleep so broken
by the coming warm light

the window which is near
opens to a busy street
where the day begins
even before the sun greets

the people are shouting
making themselves hoarse
running around in frenzy
probably late for their chores

the birds are chirping
in their own joyful ways
unaware of the hustle going on
in the incessant 'rat race'

i can hear a radio playing
in the neighbour's home beside
they keep on switching the channels
probably unable to decide

the hustle of the vehicles
has added to the noise
the crazy speeding drivers
seem like children playing with toys!

amidst all the din around
i take a moment of my own
i feel and slide the curtains
making the window seem grown

i feel and search for a chair
to sit down by the window
to listen to all the sounds
and bask in the morning glow

i think of the earlier colourful days
and how beautiful the world had looked
i start to feel appreciative
for everything that i had overlooked

one realises the true value
only when something has been lost
some say a bit of carelessness is accepted
but who's to decide at what cost?

i just sit there in the chair
and out in the infinity i gaze
as all the nostalgia again creeps in
i am lost again in my subconscious maze...

[words of a blind man]

I look at you and I always see...

I look at you and I always see,
a pretty face and a joyful glee,
for what I wonder that smile could be?
any thing, any happening that sets you free?
your eyes spoke what your words couldnt see,
coz the only reason was that you looked at me! :)

Don’t just dream in your life, but live up to your dream...

Do you get a feeling,
Of being so trapped?
When your mind says one,
And some other you react,

When what you do,
Is someone else’s thought,
The answers that you get,
Aren’t what you sought,

When anything you say,
Isn’t what you mean,
The dialogues you speak,
Are filled in your scene,

You wish if you could,
Get a second try,
You may stumble, you may fall,
But you will learn to fly,

So all that you do,
Is all what you want,
You neither care for a praise,
Nor listen to any taunt!

An iron will it takes,
To brave the fierce wind,
What once seemed a breeze,
Has suddenly changed its swing!

Never let the fear,
Take its toll on you,
For there’s nothing to be afraid,
If you have thought it through,

Stick by your word,
If you think you’re right,
Muster all your courage,
And show all your might,

Don’t just dream in your life,
But live up to your dream,
The happiness that you get,
Will be hitherto unseen!

We are to be free...

I had no clue,
Of what I would see,
The numbness in my mind,
Getting the better of me,

With each passing day,
It was getting worse,
When every moment,
Seemed like a curse,

And with the end,
Nowhere in sight,
Every thought in my mind,
Was putting up a fight,

Should I stop?
Or should I go on?
Were the choices,
That I was pondering on,

I couldn’t decide,
Which side to take,
For if I choose wrong,
My future would be at stake,

Just when I thought,
All the hopes had gone,
Fortune smiled on me,
Like a beautiful dawn,

And all of a sudden,
It became very clear,
Confidence risen in me,
Overrode my timid fear,

I couldn’t believe,
How easy it was,
What I had been dreading,
Turned so easy to pass,

Now it’s all clear,
Of what I want to do,
I’ve decided on this,
After thinking it all through,

Let us be free birds,
For sky is where we belong to,
Let’s not get tied down,
For we both don’t want to,

Let us fly high,
For this is not our tree,
We have dreams to chase,
We are to be free,
We are to be free…