Friday, February 17, 2012

Don’t just dream in your life, but live up to your dream...

Do you get a feeling,
Of being so trapped?
When your mind says one,
And some other you react,

When what you do,
Is someone else’s thought,
The answers that you get,
Aren’t what you sought,

When anything you say,
Isn’t what you mean,
The dialogues you speak,
Are filled in your scene,

You wish if you could,
Get a second try,
You may stumble, you may fall,
But you will learn to fly,

So all that you do,
Is all what you want,
You neither care for a praise,
Nor listen to any taunt!

An iron will it takes,
To brave the fierce wind,
What once seemed a breeze,
Has suddenly changed its swing!

Never let the fear,
Take its toll on you,
For there’s nothing to be afraid,
If you have thought it through,

Stick by your word,
If you think you’re right,
Muster all your courage,
And show all your might,

Don’t just dream in your life,
But live up to your dream,
The happiness that you get,
Will be hitherto unseen!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Summarises the irony of our life.. Living for a tomorrow that never is to come? :)