Friday, February 17, 2012

The Morning Raga...

every morning i thank
the sun's warm rays
as they get me out
of my subconscious maze

i rise from my bed
still trying to fight
my sleep so broken
by the coming warm light

the window which is near
opens to a busy street
where the day begins
even before the sun greets

the people are shouting
making themselves hoarse
running around in frenzy
probably late for their chores

the birds are chirping
in their own joyful ways
unaware of the hustle going on
in the incessant 'rat race'

i can hear a radio playing
in the neighbour's home beside
they keep on switching the channels
probably unable to decide

the hustle of the vehicles
has added to the noise
the crazy speeding drivers
seem like children playing with toys!

amidst all the din around
i take a moment of my own
i feel and slide the curtains
making the window seem grown

i feel and search for a chair
to sit down by the window
to listen to all the sounds
and bask in the morning glow

i think of the earlier colourful days
and how beautiful the world had looked
i start to feel appreciative
for everything that i had overlooked

one realises the true value
only when something has been lost
some say a bit of carelessness is accepted
but who's to decide at what cost?

i just sit there in the chair
and out in the infinity i gaze
as all the nostalgia again creeps in
i am lost again in my subconscious maze...

[words of a blind man]

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