Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keep Diabetes in Chek!

With a variety of blood glucose monitoring devices available in the market, the Accu-Chek Active is one of the fastest, taking just 5 seconds to display your sugar test result.

The sleek, compact design is definitely a plus point. Ergonomically designed, it is in fact very easy to use. After the analysis is done, the numbers and messages are clearly displayed in a large font on the screen.

The machine only requires 1 to 2 ┬ÁL (1 micro litre = 1/1000th of a millilitre) to analyse. Only a small drop of blood needs to be applied at the centre of the test pad. If the quantity of blood taken is less, the machine automatically recognizes it and issues a warning. There is also no need to press any buttons during the testing.

Data-Analysis function
The Accu-Chek has an inbuilt memory to store around 200 values of testing results (together with date and time). It also has an infra red interface to transfer data to a computer, running a suitable analysis program (e.g. Accu-Chek compass). It can also calculate the average of your blood sugar levels for the past 7 or 14 days, based on the values stored in it.

Accu-Chek also offers functions to mark the pre and post meal blood sugar values. Post-meal blood sugar values carry a lot of importance nowadays as a major independent cardiovascular risk factor. Accu-Chek also helps to mark these values of particular importance and the results of the last 7, 14 or 30 days can be retrieved from its memory and displayed on the screen.

The application of blood on the testing strip starts a colour reaction. The final colour is accurately read photo metrically by the machine’s optical system and the result is converted to blood glucose value.

With a product so simple and accurate available in the market, blood sugar testing has definitely become a quick and pain-free affair.

Rating: 8/10

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